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Three Ways To Use A Video Board In A Monument Sign

There are many different types of monument signs that are available to businesses and organizations. A standard sign can display your organization's name, logo, and some other details, while a sign with a digital panel can allow you to share messages with a line of text. A high-end type of monument sign is one with a video board built into it. This style of sign provides you with the flexibility to share a variety of types of content that are appropriate to your organization. If you've hired a custom sign company to build a monument sign with a video board, here are three ways to use this functionality.

Playing TV Ads

If you run a retail business that has a number of ads airing on local television stations, it can be effective to run these adds on your monument sign's video board. This is especially a good idea if your ads are funny or otherwise catchy. If so, a lot of people in the community will have seen them and remembered them — and having someone drive toward your business and see the ad playing on your sign can resonate. This person might have forgotten the name of the company in the ad but could choose to visit your store upon seeing the ad again.

Showing Highlight Videos

Many types of organizations can use monument signs with video boards in them. If you're a school or a community organization, for example, you might want to put together a short video that highlights your achievements. In the case of a school, clips of your athletic teams succeeding, clips of students learning and having fun on field trips, and clips of your concert band performing can all be valuable. For a service club, consider a compilation of clips of your organization working in the community in various capacities.

Providing A Virtual Tour

Another option to consider for the video board in your monument sign is a virtual tour that is relevant to your business. For example, if you're erecting a monument sign in front of a model home, consider a video tour of the home to play on a loop. If you run a golf course, a virtual tour of the course — perhaps filmed by a drone flying above the fairway — can entice those who are driving past. A retirement home can also benefit from a virtual tour that shows people who spacious the rooms and common areas are. Contact a company like Aubrey Sign Co to learn more.