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Tips For Designing An Effective Political Yard Sign

Election season is approaching, and if you are thinking of running for local office, it is time to start campaigning. One of the most popular ways for people to campaign for local positions is with yard signs. But with so many yard signs around this time of year, how do you make sure yours stands out and makes a statement? Here are a few tips.

Go with a red or blue background color.

Although many people would like to say they vote for the candidate they like best regardless of political party, this is not really the case. Democrats tend to look for democrat candidates to vote for, and republicans tend to look for republican candidates to vote for. If you are aligned with either of these major parties, then use their respective color as the background color for your sign. If you're a democrat, use blue. If you're a republican, use red. This way, the people most interested in your campaign will pay more attention to the sign.

Include a recent picture.

You will see a lot of signs with just the candidate's name displayed. These are a bit boring, and a name on its own is not that memorable. Instead, put your name and a photo of your face on the sign. (You should go get professional photos taken if you have not already.) Use a front-facing image of your face alone, and make sure it is recent. If you use an outdated photo and people realize you are 10 years older when they meet you in person, this looks dishonest, which is not a good look for a political candidate. 

Include a brief slogan.

Some political signs are just a name, a face, and a background. For candidates who have run several times or held local office for years, this is all that's really needed since locals are already familiar with the candidate's policies and positions. But if, like most candidates, you are not that well-known, you should include a brief slogan so that anyone who sees the sign knows what you are about. This should be simple — five words at the most. Examples would be "Fund our schools" and "Stop development."

With the tips above, you can design a more effective political sign. Be sure to work closely with your sign company throughout the process. They can show you previews so you know exactly what your signs will look like before they come in.

To learn more, contact a political yard sign supplier.