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Three Signs To Display In Your New Dog Park

If you've just overseen the construction of a community dog park, you'll want to give some thought to what signs you'll erect before the location opens for local residents. While a large sign that displays the name of the dog park and perhaps its year of construction can be a nice touch, there are a number of smaller signs that you'll want to display around the premises. Work with a custom sign manufacturer who can produce these signs, which you can hang on fences, fence posts, and even on the shelter inside of the park. Here are some content ideas to consider.

Dog Park Rules

You'll definitely want a sign that lays out the rules for the dog park. The top rule on this list might be a reminder for dog owners to pick up after their animals, but there are likely a handful of other rules that you want to bring to the attention of the dog park's users. For example, you might specify that owners should closely watch their dogs, rather than socialize with other owners. You might also ask that owners discourage their dogs from digging in the dirt while using the park.

Safety Tips

It's handy to also have one or more signs that feature safety tips. These signs can be helpful to the dog owners who are using your dog park. For example, you might remind the owners to provide water to their pets after exercise — especially when the weather is hot. Another option for a safety-focused sign is to outline some mannerisms of an aggressive dog. This way, if a pet owner sees that another dog is acting aggressively, he or she can intervene before an incident takes place.

Information About The Sections

While many dog parks consist of just one section, others have two or more fenced areas. Generally, this design allows dogs to socialize with peers of a similar size — for example, small dogs will mingle in one section, while large dogs will spend their time in another section. You'll definitely want a sign to make it clear to owners where they should place their animals. The simplest way to divide the dogs is by weight. As such, you can have a sign that lists this breakdown. For example, dogs that are under 20 pounds should use one section, and those that weigh more than 20 pounds should use the other section.

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