A Sign Just For You

How To Ensure Your Commercial Sign Stands Out

When it comes to promoting your company brands, your business sign is incredibly important. When operating a company, regardless of its size, it is important that you are strategically approaching your marketing tactics. Choose a business sign design that will appeal to potential clients and customers while also helping to achieve your growth goals. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Use the Right Font

Your sign needs to be showcased for the right reasons. Choose a font that is legible, large, and easy to read quickly. Avoid lettering that needs more than a quick moment to read and understand. Complex and cursive letters, as well as serif fonts, are types of fonts that may prove to be difficult for individuals to read.

Work with Bright Colors

Do not underestimate how important vibrant hues are when it comes to designing your commercial sign. Bright colors will grab the attention of potential clients and customers, and they will make your sign, and thus your brand, be easier to remember. Signs that are printed in pastel or neutral shades are more likely to be washed away in the sea of your competitors. To ensure that plenty of attention is brought to your sign, opt for a color that is aligned with the spirit and intentions of your business. For instance, if you run a garden-based business, lean towards green hues, but if you run an uplifting and wellness business, you may want to opt for warm colors like yellow and blue.

Keep Things Simple

One thing that you definitely need to avoid in the design and appearance of your company sign is confusion. Confusion comes easily when you try to overload your sign with a ton of information. Consider the purpose of your sign. Are you using the sign to advertise a sale, your services, or your company name? By determining your intent, you will be able to effectively design a sign for your business. Make sure to limit your words to very few, as people don't linger to read signs. The fewer the words to get your point across, the better.

The aforementioned three tips will get you started to creating an effective, eye-appealing sign for your business. If you would like more tips or have questions regarding the design or creation of a custom business sign, reach out to a custom sign company in your area that can provide professional assistance.