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Three Types Of Photoluminescent Exit Signs To Get For Your Commercial Building

When you're shopping for photoluminescent exit signs for your commercial building, it's important to take several details into account. Some signs have simple designs, consisting solely of the word "EXIT" and an arrow. Other signs have more visual elements — for example, the image of a stick person running either left or right. While the design of the exit signs that you buy is important, you should also think about how they attach to the building. There are several different ways to mount your signs so that people can clearly see them, including through these methods.

Ceiling Mounted

Ceiling-mounted photoluminescent exit signs are valuable because they hang from the ceiling, making them highly visible to people in the area. It's common to affix ceiling-mounted exit signs at the end of hallways or at hallway intersections. Someone who may be partially across the building during an emergency situation will be able to see the glow of this type of sign, even if there's a rush of people using the hall. They will then be able to follow the sign's directional information and get out of the building quickly.

Wall Mounted (Side)

Another type of photoluminescent exit sign that you will want to buy is one that mounts to the wall on one side, thus making them stick out perpendicularly to the wall. These signs are valuable in a variety of emergency situations and can help people to quickly identify where the building's exits are situated. For example, when someone enters a hallway and is looking for the fastest way out of it, they will be able to see a wall-mounted exit sign above a door, with an arrow pointing toward the door. This leaves little doubt for the person about where they should go.

Wall Mounted (Flat)

Other exit signs mount to the wall so that they're positioned flat on the wall, rather than jutting out from it. There are pros and cons to these signs, but they're certainly worth buying. The drawback is that if the sign is mounted above a door on the side of a hallway, someone at the other end of the hallway won't be able to read the sign. However, anyone who is facing the door will be able to see the sign.

Using a combination of these three styles of exit signs will ensure that there's no doubt about how to leave your commercial building.