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Celebrate Your Favorite Movie With These Cinema Room Wall Decorations

One of the most exciting parts of building a cinema room in your home is decorating it. Even if hanging the decorations on the walls is one of the last steps that you take, you can work to acquire the right pieces as you're renovating the space. Once the paint dries on the renovation project, you can hang your decorative pieces and be ready to christen the room by watching one of your favorite movies. If there's a movie that you consider to be your all-time favorite, you may wish to look for a number of wall decorations that relate to it. Here are some pieces that you can pick up to hang in your cinema room.

Movie Poster

Having a movie poster for your favorite film will augment the look of your cinema room. It's relatively easy to find posters of this nature online, and they're generally affordable. You have the option of choosing a licensed reproduction or an original copy. You'll pay more for the latter piece, but it may be appealing to you. Hanging a movie poster in your cinema room will help to give this space the look of an actual theater, given that the lobby walls of movie theaters are typically lined with movie posters.

Film Cell

If you're looking for a unique decorative piece that celebrates your favorite movie, a framed film cell can be a good choice. A film cell is an actual piece of film that displays a still shot from the movie in question. Because the cell itself is small, you'll often find this type of piece sold with a large print of the still shot. If you have a particularly favorite scene of the movie, try to find a film cell that depicts this scene. Some of these framed pieces come with LED lights positioned behind the frame to shine through the film cell and increase its visibility.

Movie Script Page

Another option to consider is to buy a framed page of the script from your favorite movie. The page is unlikely to be from the original script itself, but this shouldn't hinder its appeal to you. Often, you can find script pages that the director or one or more of the movie's stars have signed. You can either frame this page with a photo that depicts the corresponding scene in the movie or frame it on its own. Look online for a retailer that carries movie decorations and cinema room decor to find more ideas.