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Three Reasons To Use A Frosted Acrylic Sign

If you're looking for an attention-catching sign to display inside of your place of work, one design that may appeal to you is a frosted acrylic sign. As its name suggests, a frosted acrylic sign is made of acrylic material and has a frosted finish that allows you to see through it to some degree. This type of signage can work in a variety of locations, including in your reception area, in a boardroom, or in a hallway. Here are three reasons that you might wish to use a frosted acrylic sign that features a custom design such as your company's name and logo.

It Doesn't Hide The Wall Behind It

Companies often put considerable effort and expense into choosing stylish interior walls for different areas of their offices. If you have a wall that has an appearance that you love, the last thing that you might want do to is cover some of it up with a large sign that you can't see through. When you opt for a frosted acrylic sign, people will be able to take in the information on the sign while still enjoying the look of the wall. For example, this type of sign works well on a stylish accent wall, such as one that is made of brick or stone.

It Won't Look Too Busy

Some signs can create a busy look in a given space that renders them somewhat ineffective. For example, if you have a brightly colored wall that you mount a sign on, the result can sometimes be that there's a lot going on visually. Another nice thing about using a frosted acrylic sign is that it won't look too busy. The opaque appearance of this type of sign will help to give it a soft appearance that doesn't compete with the wall behind it — regardless of what the wall looks like.

It Offers A Modern Appearance

Some types of signs have a rustic look, while others appear more modern. If your company's industry is modern — perhaps you're a high-tech company, for example — it can be effective to choose a sign that looks modern. You'll generally find that a frosted acrylic sign has more of a modern appearance than something made out of wood, for example. Find a custom sign provider that offers a wide range of sign materials, and then inquire about whether it can make a frosted acrylic sign that features your company's branding information.

For additional information, reach out to a local sign company.