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Important Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing Headstone Monuments

After you lay a loved one to rest in the cemetery, you then must choose what kind of marker to put on his or her grave. You want to mark the grave so you know where to find your loved one when you want to pay your respects. You also want a visible memorial to his or her life.

To achieve both goals, you can choose a headstone to place over the person's grave. You can select from the various headstone monuments by knowing what criteria are among the most important to consider.

Full Name

When you want to leave a permanent reminder of the deceased, you may choose a headstone that has his or her full name on it. You want others who walk past the grave to know what this person's name was. You also want to remind other family members who may come to visit the grave of his or her name.

You can choose from headstone monuments that are large enough to include all of the letters of this person's name. You can have the person's full first, middle, and last names included. You also may have room for the person's maiden name engraved on the headstone.

Dates of Birth and Death

It is also common for headstone monuments to include the dates of birth and death for people. This information can be important for remembering how old the person was when he or she died. It leaves a permanent historical record of when this person lived and during what times he or she was here in this life. 

The dates of birth and death can also help differentiate one person's grave from that of another person with the same or similar name. People can know for sure where their loved ones are buried in the cemetery.

Finally, headstone monuments can be customized to include a photograph of the person or engravings of your loved one's hobbies or profession. These customizations allow for you to leave a permanent reminder of what this person looked like and what role or enjoyment he or she had in life. It also leaves a reminder for family members, especially those who may not remember this person clearly.

These factors are some to consider when you shop for headstone monuments. You can have the person's name and dates of birth and death engraved. You can also include customizations like a photograph.