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Reasons To Use Elevator Wrap Signage

If you run any type of business that has an elevator, it's a worthwhile idea to evaluate the many different signage options that you can use in this area. One exciting option is an elevator wrap — a type of graphic that covers the elevator's doors. Similar in many ways to a vehicle wrap that is popular on commercial vehicles, an elevator wrap can take any design that you want. A custom sign printing service that specializes in wrap signage can turn your ideas into a wrap and even install it for you. Here are some reasons that an elevator wrap can be a good signage option for your business.

Huge Visual Impact

There are few other types of interior signage that can have as much visual impact as an elevator wrap. Its sheer size makes this type of signage easily visible from afar. Whereas people may need to approach other signs to read them, you can expect that people will have no trouble making out the information on an elevator wrap sign. The visual impact can especially be significant when you opt for a colorful design with high-impact photographs. If the area around the elevator is decorated in muted hues, the wrap will stand out even more.

A Fresh Look

Over time, an elevator's doors can begin to show signs of wear. For example, in a hotel, guests may occasionally bump luggage carts into the elevator's doors and housekeepers may bump the doors with their cleaning carts, resulting in a scuffed appearance. This can give this part of your business a slightly run-down look, which isn't ideal. Installing an elevator wrap can immediately provide a fresh look. Any superficial damage on the door's surface will be hidden from sight, which can augment how this area feels.

Ability To Share Information

When you have various types of signage throughout your building, people may pass by them without hardly looking. This is less likely with an elevator wrap. When someone is waiting for the elevator, they'll often stand in front of it and look straight ahead. For these individuals, it will be tempting to read the wrap. Similarly, someone who is riding in the elevator will often look at the inside of the door. When they're looking at a wrap, you can expect that the person will read its contents. If you're looking to share information with those who use the elevator, you can expect that a lot of people will pay attention to a wrap.