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Tips to Help Make Your Business Signs Stand Out

Business signs are extremely important for business owners. The signs you select can let those passing by know more about your business, including where the business is located and what type of business you have. Unfortunately, since there are signs everywhere, some people may tune signs out or may not really notice them. Ensuring your sign stands out can be extremely important. Here are a few tips to help make your business signs stand out. 

Choose the Right Size and Location for Your Sign

One of the ways that you can help make your business sign stand out is by choosing the right size and location for your sign. You want the sign to be large enough that it can be noticeable, yet not too large that it looks obnoxious or out of place. You should also take the time to learn about any local ordinances or lease regulations pertaining to the size of sign that you can hang outside of your business. 

Consider Utilizing Contrasting Colors

When you are looking to make a business sign stand out, one of the things that you want to do is ensure the colors you are using stand out. Consider utilizing contrasting colors to help increase the chances of things standing out. For example, if you have a white sign, you may want to use black lettering or black graphics. If you have a yellow sign, you may want to use red or blue lettering. 

Ensure Writing Is Easy to Read

Any time you are creating a sign, you want to ensure that the lettering on the sign is easy to read. Fancy fonts may look good on the computer screen, but may not translate well on a sign. You want easy-to-read, bold lettering to ensure people can read the words on the sign from as far away as possible. 

Think About Adding a Graphic

Lastly, consider adding a graphic to your sign. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so adding a graphic to your sign can tell customers a lot about your business without taking up much space. Adding a cup of coffee, a pair of scissors, a piece of clothing, or a dog on your sign can help customers tell that this is a coffee shop, hair salon, clothing retailer or a pet shop without having to read your sign. 

When you are working with a business sign shop to create business signs, you want to choose the right size sign for your business, use contrasting colors, ensure any writing is easy to read, and think about adding a graphic to a sign. All of these things can help make your business signs stand out, which may help you attract more customers or clients. 

For more information about business signs, contact a sign shop in your area.